The Undocumented Lawyer Limited Edition DVDs

The Undocumented Lawyer Limited Edition DVDs

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By popular request, we've made a limited edition DVD!

  • Full Theatrical Version of The Undocumented Lawyer
  • Includes special commentary from the Directors as well as the film subjects Lizbeth and Edith.
  • Spanish subtitles
  • English closed captions
  • All Region (0), NTSC DVD

About The Undocumented Lawyer

From the award-winning creators of Living on One Dollar and Salam Neighbor, The Undocumented Lawyer is the story of Lizbeth Mateo, an undocumented attorney who swore to uphold the Constitution. When a client takes sanctuary in a church, Lizbeth’s own experience guides their fight for justice.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: This film is just the start. Visit where we've identified tangible and urgent ways to help Lizbeth fight for asylum seekers.